The Ohio Black Dance Festival

Ohio's Premier African American Dance Culture Festival.  A high-quality multicultural dance festival that educates artists and audiences throughout Ohio on the importance of the Black dance tradition.

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Ohio Black Dance is an inclusive organization of dance enthusiasts and community supporters connected by their love of African American dance culture and its contribution to American dance traditions.

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Support Ohio Black Dance

In order to Keep BLACK DANCE Alive and continue to develop and expand Ohio Black Dance's artistic, cultural, and educational programs, we need your help! So come Join the Movement!

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Welcome to Ohio Black Dance!

Thank you for visiting the official website for the Ohio Black Dance Organization, Ohio's premiere arts organization whose focus is the Black Dance tradition and the advancement of dance artists of color. This site is designed to celebrate the contributions and community of African American dance artist within Ohio and across the globe.

Ohio Black Dance serves as a resource for all dance artist and enthusiast who have an interest in the Black Dance culture.  We offer dance classes, workshops, lecture demonstrations, community outreach, studio/company directory and events calendar.


Ohio Black Dance mission is to cultivate a diverse community focused on the advancement of African American dance artist and culture.



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We appreciate you and want to be sure to keep you informed on all Ohio Black Dance activities and events.